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CBW has expenses that we incur to keep our community going strong. These include web hosting but the biggest expense is our game server(s). CBW would accept donations from anyone who feels that they would like to chip in a few bucks to help keep this community going. To those who visit our server, we try to provide a cheat free and friendly environment where players sense that they are looked after and made to feel at home.

A couple things we need to make clear up front:

1) Due to a number of potential legal issues (remember, this is not a business), we cannot give a service in return for donations. Otherwise, they aren't donations so let me make this clear - you are NOT required to donate in order to play on the server.

2) This is not a business transaction. You are choosing, if you so desire, to send us money so that we can keep the server running and look at expanding the size and quality of the server. There are no "refunds", and it doesn't entitle you to ownership in any part of the server or the hardware it runs on.

3) If you are under 18, make SURE you get your parents/legal guardians permission before you send money.

4) You don't get a free pass for donating, i.e. if you cheat, or act completely inappropriate and get banned for it, you don't get your donation back and you don't get excused. We will, however, make sure everyone is treated fairly. Likely if you are considering a donation, you know that we are a responsible and mature group of people who don't abuse our community members - they are our strength.

5) If something happens and the server has to go down temporary/permenently, although it would be most unfortunate, these are things we cannot guarantee. Remember, you are donating, not purchasing a service.

Anyway, we don't mean to come off harsh, but we do want to make sure everyone knows what they should expect when donating. Any amount appreciated. Thank you very much in advance! - Also, make SURE you put your forum or gaming nickname in the Paypal comments form so we know who sent what and can thank you personally.

To donate in US Funds click this button:

One time donation:
$10 USD Monthly
$20 USD Monthly

To donate in Canadian Funds click this button:

One time donation:
$10 CAD Monthly
$20 CAD Monthly

If you can't or don't want to donate through PayPal, contact Spive and we can arrange to receive your donation via a method of your choosing.


Get a Life Released and Patched
04/28/2008 | 06:21 PM
Forum: News, Announcements & Features Posted By: Sloth Post Time: 28-04-2008 at 10:32 AM : Team Fortress 2 Update Coming April 29th
04/28/2008 | 06:21 PM
Forum: News, Announcements & Features Posted By: DigiQ8 Post Time: 28-04-2008 at 12:54 AM
No Portal This Year - Lombardi
04/28/2008 | 06:21 PM
Forum: News, Announcements & Features Posted By: Evo Post Time: 26-04-2008 at 11:49 AM
Thompson Pushes for Legal Action Against Retailers
04/28/2008 | 10:17 PM

Everyone's favorite deranged social activist, Jack Thompson, is pushing for legal action to be taken against Take Two and a number of retailers selling Grand Theft Auto IV.
"Indictments should be returned against Take Two corporately and its Chairman, Strauss Zelnick, along with other Take Two officers. Indictment should also be against Sony and Microsoft which are making this pornographic game available to minors, and openly so, on their PS3 and Xbox systems," Thompson wrote. "Further, indictments should be handed down against Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop, and all other retailers distributing this game to minors at their retail stores, openly, to kids who are only seventeen."

"Grand Theft Auto IV is the gravest assault upon children in this country since polio. We now have vaccines for that virus... The 'vaccine' that must be administered by the United States government to deal with this virtual virus of violence and sexual depravity is criminal prosecutions of those who have conspired to do this."
Thompson then continues to link to the Ladies of Liberty City at IGN (NSFW) as his example.
I guess he just doesn't realize that these games never were, nor ever will be marketed to minors? Nor does he understand that these retailers already have age restriction guidelines set up by the ESRB and that they are already not allowed to sell to minors. It just amazes me as a gamer and as a rational thinking human being how people can get to this realm of thought where the truth and rationality are just thrown out the window.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go pick up my copy of Grand Theft Auto IV and not commit any heinous acts of violence or wanton debauchery.
Garry's Mod Update
04/28/2008 | 06:33 PM
A small update was just released for Garry's Mod.
  • Fixed sound issues for people without Half-Life 2
  • Fixed not being able to load saved games on startup due to maxplayers > 1
  • Fixed some player models being invisible (Nova)
The update for the game will automatically be delivered to the Steam client closest to your location (provided you own the game and have it installed).
Chet Faliszek Talks about Left 4 Dead
04/28/2008 | 05:01 PM
Chet Faliszek, one of the main forces behind Left 4 Dead, spoke with bit-tech at a recent event held by EA. The engaging four page interview offers up the latest information on what you can expect from Left 4 Dead when it is released later this year.
BT: So, when you playtest are your testers not always hardcore gamers then?

We try to get as wide a range as possible. If you've just got hardcore gamers then you're going to get a really small percentage of your audience, right? So we have a cross-section and we use an internal wiki page where people can just add their names and email addresses and I'm actually the person to go through and contact them.[...]

And the thing that really got me, when I first joined the company and when I first saw this was 'Where do we get all these stupid people from? How can't they figure these things out?' After a while though you realise that actually you're the one who's not so bright because everybody does the same thing.

Like, everyone wants to kill their buddy and we wanted to fiddle with that, but we had problems with the interface, so we thought we'll take out friendly fire. But then, even with the problems, we're not smarter than our customers.
The interview does contain a nice mix of old and new information. You might also learn a thing or two about how to survive a Zombie outbreak while you're at it.
No Go for Portal on the Live Arcade
04/28/2008 | 04:20 PM
Valve wanted to bring Portal to the Xbox Live Arcade, but apparently Microsoft wanted none of that to happen.
"We'd love to do that. Right now it's something we'd love to do. I'd love to sell Portal on Xbox live," said Doug Lombardi, marketing director at Valve. "[But] the platform holders aren't doing that right now. There's a size limit and all kinds of other things."

"We've asked them, we said we were open to it. So it's a decision for the platform holder and how they want to make the games available and how much bandwidth they want to [allow]."

But Lombardi did hint that something might be possible in the future: "I think it's a trade-off, we'll see it one day.

"It always happens once it's been proven and I think it's been proven now on Steam, so I'm sure it'll migrate back to the consoles just like everything else does."
Major game releases appearing on Live Arcade? That'll be the day. Perhaps on the next generation of Microsoft consoles will we see this, but their current Arcade limitations are just too set in stone to change dramatically.
Bad Company Community Day
04/28/2008 | 03:07 PM
Over on the Battlefield Bad Company blog, DICE made a post about the recent Community Day that Planet Battlefield and other sites attended. I was not...
Battlefield Heroes Hands-on Previews
04/28/2008 | 12:48 PM
During EA's Spring Showcase event, the press were allowed to play Battlefield Heroes for the first time. Today we have two new handson previews,...

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